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What's the basic parts of workbench composed it?
Publisher:Shenzhen SunQit Electronic Technology Co., Ltd    Publish time:2014-12-11
Flexible bar workbench is a tube with a diameter of 28mm lean fit a wide variety of connections, and you need to install countertops according to the job (PVC plate, the surface optional anti-static rubber anti-static fire board, stainless steel, etc.), power strip and some other applications assembled workbench. Bar table can be independent, can be combined, easy to adjust, can be freely designed and assembled according to job needs. For a variety of industries testing, maintenance and product assembly; let the plant neater, easier production scheduling, logistics and more smoothly. Able to adapt to the needs of modern production continuous improvement, ergonomic principles, so that field staff operating standards, allowing several people working position for one person to do, time to complete faster. Comfortable, ideas and creative environment to achieve rapid, but it has a lightweight, strong features, clean surface abrasion. Lean manufacturers apply for lean production to promote great help. So What are the basic parts of bar table composed it?
An overall framework: that constitute the main bar table, like a person's bones, it is also the most basic bar table indispensable part. Overall framework of the bar table by the outer diameter of the standard flexible bar + wire rod connector 28mm constituting (flexible bar beige, white, black and other colors, bar silver-white metal fittings are chrome fittings and black electrophoretic joints), is modular workstations, each fitting can be reused, easy to continued transformation.
2, Feet: The adjustable foot cups (adjustable foot cups, cup shock foot, foot cups conductive, antistatic foot cups) or castor (flat-casters, expansive casters).
3, the Taiwan panel: composite boards, fire boards, ESD anti-static board, plywood, stainless steel, hollow plate ......).
4, the lighting system: including lighting lamp, independent switch, strip, wire and so on.
5, logistics systems: transport unit constituted by a variety of means, such as conveyor belts, slide, rotary and manipulator, complete workpiece, tool and other supply and delivery system, which is the main component of bar table.
6, other parts include: drawers, electric screwdriver chute, process instructions, warning lights.

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