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lean pipe features and operation of technical notes
Publisher:Shenzhen SunQit Electronic Technology Co., Ltd    Publish time:2014-12-12

lean tube (flexible bar) ,It is welded tube with plastic resin coating, in order to prevent separation of the coating and the pipe, using a special adhesive bonding between them. The inner wall of the steel pipe anti-corrosion coatings for standard lean tube diameter of 28mm, pipe wall thickness 1.0mm. lean products is a modular system consists of pipe fittings and couplings composed of any creative ideas can be converted into a practical structure for a personalized and manufacture of extremely simple and fast, low-cost.

lean tube features:
1,  varietes of colors, customers can choose the color according to their needs. 
2, effective solution to the problem of capital investment.
3, flexible and durable system. 
4, the bar inside the pipe is coated with a rust inhibitor, effectively extend the service life.
Bar Instructions:
  1 First, the appropriate size of the substrate is ready to use for proofing.
  2. substrate placed with embossed bed, with clamps. 
  3.Select the appropriate type of flexible bar, on the imprint on the bed, near the place where the clip.
  4 for proofing paint or varnish placed close to where the clip, the bottom line stick about 1cm.
  5 Hold the flexible bar ends at a constant speed and pressure of the pull bar to the operator's own direction, note that during the operation do not    rotate bar.
  6.After the proofing, clean the flexible bar, wipe dry. Please note, keep the flexibel bar in a dry state.

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