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What composition of SUNQIT Lean tube workbench?
Publisher:Shenzhen SunQit Electronic Technology Co., Ltd    Publish time:2017-05-11

SunQit Lean tube workbench is composed of SUNQIT Lean tube and Lean tube fittingsIt is specially designed for assembly, production, maintenance, operations and other work .SunQit Lean tube workbench countertops specially treated with anti-corrosion, anti-static, and other features. SunQit Lean tube workbench standard configuration: lights, warning lights, the wind granted aluminum, process instructions hooks, strip, switches, dashboard, trachea, casters, adjustable feet, and so on.  Configured according to customer requirements. After the installation tool cabinets can be more rational use of space, storage and protection tool.

SunQit Lean tube workbench has the following characteristics:
    1, the standard material (SUNQIT tube, SUNQIT metal joints and SUNQIT Accessories) designed for the assembly station equipment and production systems;
     2, set up a simple, flexible, infinitized by part shape and space station, space size;
     3, the transformation of simple and can be extended at any time on demand structure and function;
     4, Unleash staff beings creativity, continuous improvement of the scene of the lean production management
     5, the materials can be reused, saving production costs, support environmental protection;
     6, lean pipe surface for coating plastic layer, not easy to damage parts of the surface;
     7, increase productivity, improve the overall quality of staff, potential fire.

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